Report to show computers with flash installed and version of flash



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    Shane Corellian

    Short answer is Yes. There is a longer answer depending on what Flash runtime you are interested in.

    The images below show a report which will return any computer with Flash NPAPI (for Firefox), Flash for IE and Flash PPAPI (for Opera).

    It will not show Flash for IE on Windows 8 or later.

    It will not show Flash PPAPI embedded (for Chrome).

    To create a report showing Flash on the systems mentioned above you'd need to create an additional report which grabs the Microsoft HotFix (for IE on Win 8+) or a report which references files grabbed via a file scan for PPAPI on Chrome. A report for Flash in Chrome is generally unnecessary since Flash is embedded. 

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  • Rmccune

    So I'll need two reports one for my 7 computers and one for my 10 computers?

    What you have listed above works for my win7 computers. I thought this would work for Win10  &7 & my 2012 servers but I must be missing something because it shows the version of all my software.

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  • Benedikt Held


    So u want the Flash for each of these rules, but on top u say "any", which also effects the first.

    This means:
    List all my computers with Flash AND 2012er Server with DesktopExperience AND etc....

    What u have to do is something like this:

    This means all positive results of each group (filtered on software flash) will be listed.


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