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    If they've changed back to an exe, then the silent install parameters are going to be specific to that install. I wasn't able to get into their documentation without proving i had the product. I would try that first since you do own it.

    If you have trouble with that, then I would just contact their support

    If after all of that you still don't have what you need you can try that tactics used in our video.


  • I had trouble getting to Mastercam's documentation as you have to prove you own it first. If you can get me some documentation i may be able to help. The only thing i could find with my access was for X8.

    msiexec /i Mastercam_Installer.msi /qn

    For the section, you can add any of the following: CNC_DEST_DIR=”C:\Program Files\mcamX8” (default) CNC_UNIT_TYPE=”M” (metric) or “I” (Inch, default) CNC_SIM_TYPE=”N” (NetHASP) or “H” (HASP, default) CNC_INSTALL_MACHSIM=”Y” (default) or “N” CNC_SHAREDDEFAULTS=”C:\Users\Public\Documents\shared mcamx8” (default) Example with unique destination folder, metric units, and NetHASP: msiexec /i Mastercam_Installer.msi CNC_DEST_DIR=”C:\Program Files\MastercamX8” CNC_UNIT_TYPE=”M” CNC_SIM_TYPE=”N” /qn

    Have you tried these parameters yet? Is version 9 an MSI install?


  • Hi Nate,

    First thanks for your answer,

    the only thing is there is no MSI anymore, Mastercam x9 is only a EXE  (you must run setup.exe)

    they have removed the MSI package .

    there are no command line options in the manual.

    Bud i have tried this parameter anyhow.


    With kind regards,