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Not planned

GoTo Meeting software for package library

GoTo Meeting package would be useful for us in the package library



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    Unfortunately we haven't been able to release this in our Package Library since the MSI deploys per user, and doesn't allow you to deploy per machine or all users without using a GPO. If this ever changes then we would definitely consider adding it.

  • The MSI available on the website can be installed with the Silent switch built into every MSI.  The problem I face with this is the website page that is proposes to have the latest version ( currently shows "Version v7.20.0, build 5174 (latest build!)" yet I have a lot of users who get the autoupdate from the Citrix have version 7.22.0, build 5506 installed.

  • Nate,
    As of build v8.22.0 b8473 they now have a switch that allows for the MSI to install for all users. Would PDQ now be willing to consider adding it to their package library?


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