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The never ending deployment

One of my Chrome deployments isn't ending. It's been running for over 20 hours (no custom timeout, default is 60 minutes). All the machines have failed, but it won't stop. Anybody ever seen this? I know I can force abort it, but wanted to report the issue in case there's something going on or a bug.



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  • Hi David,

    What version of PDQ Deploy are you currently running in your environment?  Is this something that you can replicate over and over or is this the first time you've seen it?  Lastly have you stopped and started the PDQ Services at all on your console machine?

  • I am running 10 (release 2). I think I've seen it before, but I don't think I can replicate it on demand, so it seems to happen randomly. I did recently restart the PDQ services on the console machine to solve a different issue. But I haven't since this deployment started. Should I?

  • Definitely.  We haven't seen that issue on Deploy 10 so it's odd.  If you continue to have problems after this, please contact so we can help get you taken care of.

  • Something similar happened to me in 10 Beta 1, but I was unable to reproduce it and it never happened again.

  • Restarted service and the deployment is still going.

  • @David

    I manage a good deal of computers and from time to time I see this happen.  I think the biggest issue with deploying Chrome successfully is whether or not Chrome is running in the background.  We have many users who don't ever shutdown their computer or their Chrome browser making it difficult to keep Chrome updated.

    Just today I implemented a 'process check' for Chrome.  If Chrome is running in the background then the job is skipped, otherwise the update is pushed.  So far I'm getting MUCH better results with successful completions and ZERO hang ups.

    Shane has a good write-up here on how to include a 'process check' below:


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