Scripting PDQ Deploy depolyments - Is it possible?



  • Emily

    Max, is this what you are looking for?

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  • Stephen Valdinger

     Max, can you provide me a working example of what you are looking to do? Also, what licensing level of PDQ are you using?

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  • Max Williams

    I am looking for a Powershell PDQ Deploy module that I can install on a remote admin PC that works much like the CLI option Emily linked to but would allow commands to be executed remotely instead of locally.

    A use case for this would be if you have automated and scripted an OS deployment for a server/workstation and were already using PDQ Deploy to automate the application side such as using a deployment package to deploy standard stuff like Java, AV, monitoring tools to a new system. Currently the admin may have a way to run a script with custom variables such as system name and IP from their workstation to deploy the OS but once deployed would still need to manually remote into the deployment server to run a deployment of the application package to that new system.

    Another option would be to pre-install the Powershell module into the OS image and have it do a first time run script that will run the application deployment the first time the OS boots after being installed.   

    It would look something like this:

    #Load PDQ Deploy Module
    Import-Module -Name PDQDeply

    #Set Variables
    $newServers = @("newserver01","newserver02","newserver03")
    $deployments = @("Java","AV","Monitoring Tools")

    #Connect to deployment server
    Connect-PDQServer -Server deployserver01 -User Admin -Password pass

    #Deploy package
    Deploy-Package -Package $deployments -Targets $newServers

    You can get where I am going with this, if there were some kind of Powershell module for PDQ Deploy you could cut out a few more processes when working towards a fully automated deployment. 

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