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WebEx Productivity Tools

As it has new versions but does not update automatically on my clients or provide notification on updates, this would be useful to have in the library.



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    I signed up for an account so i could download WebEx Productivity Tools. They automatically put me in a trial period for the software. I'm unsure if I'll be able to download it after the trial period is over. Depending on how that goes and if we have any more requests or votes will help make a decision for adding it to the library or not.

  • This would be extremely helpful for me as well. If required I can provide new versions.

    One note for Chris: in the WebEx site administration console there's a page or section dedicated to the Productivity Tools. The available options supposedly push out to all users' Tools, including disabling automatic updates. I have updates disabled, as our users were being prompted with popups to update but are not able to since the installer requires admin rights. Within the next couple weeks I'll need to create a deployment package (if possible) as we will be rolling out to about 60 users.

  • Would be very handy!

    @Nate Blevins What are the chances of this being released?

  • Since we've had more interest in this i'll l add it back to our list of packages to look at. If we have enough requests for this the biggest thing that may stop this from being a package would be whether or not i can continue to download the MSI directly from the company with a trial account.

  • Consider this another vote for adding this app to the library.

  • I'll add a vote.

    For the record, the deployment notes from WebEx:

    And for monitoring for the latest version:

    This is the XPATH query to monitor for changes: