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Not planned

Mozilla Firefox (German)


it would be really cool to see a german release of Firefox in Libary.
Front Motion is more than slow with the releases and I really trying to keep all software up-to-date as soon as possible.

There already was a question for the ESR Version in German, too, so maybe u can just do it for both?

Big thanks in advanced!




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    Our developers are currently exploring multi-language support for future releases. This is something we may add if that becomes a reality. Until then, you'll need to create your own packages for other languages. 

  • Ok sound gr8 even this listen like month of more waiting :P
    Thanks for reply.


  • Nearly a year later... Any news on this?

    Or anyone out there with a workaround for that?



  • Workaround:
    • Download the german Firefox version
    • Replace the path to the install file in step 3 to the english version with the path to the german Version
    • Done

    Every time a new Firefox package is available you know you have to repeat this steps

  • I have created a little guide here to always have the latest Firefox ESR version in the repository.