Copy files from target to PDQ Deploy Server?

Can we copy files from a target back up the server?

Just discovered some PCs with an older version of an application that I worry might not have compatible data files with the newest version.  I thought I would copy the application's folder from %APPDATA% up to the PDQ server using the %COMPUTERNAME% variable so I could make sure I had the configuration files prior to the upgrade for each computer, organized by computer name.  PDQ Deploy shows an error since I believe it is validating the folder which does not exist???



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  • Please paste the code you are trying to run, or upload a screenshot. What you're trying to do should work.

  • I am using the File Copy step and the package is setup to run as the logged on user. The target path on the D: drive of the PDQ Server exists, minus the variable I want the package to use while running.

  • Ah, yeah, I don't think a File Copy step will work for this. Create a Command step with something like this:

    robocopy %APPData%\FileZilla \\PDQ-SERVER\FileZilla-Backups\%COMPUTERNAME% /E /NP

    1. You will have to share D:\FileZilla-Backups
    2. Users will need write permission to the share

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