Removing Auto Report .csv Headers

Hi guys,

Love PDQ Inventory! Awesome program!

I'd like to know if there is any way you can remove the report headers from a csv auto-report though?

If you schedule an auto-report to save as .csv then the first two lines are time-stamped with the report name and the date/time it was run, then the actual column headers are on the third line:

Is there any way to omit these first two lines? Otherwise we are required to manually edit the file and delete them before importing the .csv into any other programs? (Not a big problem but we're looking to fully automate our systems as much as possible!)


Many Thanks





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  • Did you ever get the headers removed?  We also need the headers and footers removed.

  • If you are using a scheduled auto report, you could probably have a scheduled task run a powershell step right after to Import-CSV the CSV file, remove the data you need omitted, and then Export-CSV afterwards.

  • Yes that's what we figured out, mostly the vendor I am working with as PS is not my strong suite lol.

    Thanks for replying.

  • More +n originalfilename.csv > outputfilename.csv

    In this case, n=2

  • Yeah we also had to run powershell scripts to automate removal of the header lines.

    It's not a major problem but it would be a nice feature if PDQ could remove them as it's just another step in the process that could be removed to simplify the procedure.

  • We have a feature planned that will probably fix this. I have no ETA on when it could be implemented. I talked to our developers and they said this probably can't be fixed until the feature is done.


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