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How to deploy latest Android Studio?

Our organisation has recently purchased a number of Android based VR headsets, and some of our departments such as Media and Computing want to get started doing development for these devices, which requires Android Studio.

Existing articles/websites regarding silent install of Android Studio seem to imply the IDE and SDK were available as separate downloads, but that doesn't seem to be the case any more. I tried using the /S /AllUsers switches and that did get the Android Studio installed in Program Files, but the SDK is missing and also it has installed an Android Virtual Device which according to the Pico instructions at I don't want. I would also like to select a specific SDK version (the Pico devices require API level 29).

Can anyone suggest how to get the Android SDK installed silently (ideally to a custom directory, not the user's AppData folder) so the user doesn't get prompted to set it up?



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  • That's a pretty cool project to be working on! I recommend reaching out to the software developer to get guidance on silent deployments. I unfortunately don't have any experience deploying this software.