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Solidworks: CLI install, works when run manually, but 1603 error from PDQd


I have a Solidworks Admin Image, which I am deploying to machines are two sites. On the 1st site, my PDQ package simply has step to run 

startswinstall.exe /install /now 

However, at my 2nd site, this never works and troubleshooting the installation errors with my VAR have not provided a solution. Even running the same command logged in locally on the machines generates an error which the VAR cannot resolve. So, a work around I'm comfortable with is avoiding the admin image and just installing the MSI's sequentially. My PDQ package for this 2nd site looks like this...

All the pre-reqs install fine. The problem starts with step 15, installing the first Solidworks MSI. My command is (I have sanitised for privacy)

msiexec.exe /i "SolidWorks.Msi" ALLUSERS=1 /qn /norestart /log output.log INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS 2022" SOLIDWORKSSERIALNUMBER="XXXX" SERVERLIST=25734@Solidworks ENABLEPERFORMANCE=0 OFFICEOPTION=3 TOOLBOXFOLDER="\\\files\CAD\SW Toolbox\SW2022_Data" ADDLOCAL=CircuitWorks,CoreSolidWorksTaskScheduler,ExampleFiles,FeatureWorks,HelpFiles,Manuals,Motion,PhotoView,RealViewGraphicsdisplay,ScanTo3D,Simulation,SolidWorks,SolidWorksCosting,SolidWorksDesignChecker,SolidWorksRoutedsystems,SolidWorksToolbox,SolidWorksUtilities,TolAnalyst

This errors with 1603. When searching the log files for this error code I see the following lines

and finally 

The errors suggest a file is in use, which investigation suggests could be the Windows Search indexer. So, I added a step before this MSI which stops the Windows Search service, but still the same 1603 is logged.

What I'm confused about is if I manually run the same command whilst logged onto the target computer as the same PDQ deploy account, this completes successfully with a "0" code. 

I appreciate this might be specific to Solidworks, but has anyone had success running these commands via PDQ? Thanks.



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  • I haven't deployed Solidworks, but have a couple of thoughts. From the error, it looks like swdocumentmgr.dll is being used by SearchFilterHost. You mentioned stopping the process/service. You could also try adding a reboot step to see if it helps free things up.

    Have you tried changing the Run As mode? If you haven't yet, give "Deploy User(Interactive)" a try. Although the error that you are seeing doesn't sound related.