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Anything offered in PDQ Delpoy

It seems like any software offered via subscription to PDQ Deploy should likewise be offered as a group in PDQ Inventory?

Notably currently missing for me are LastPass and EMET, although I'm sure others that use PDQD more heavily would have others.




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    I will add EMET to the Collection Library but LastPass is difficult to track without a custom scanner. LastPass does not place the application version in the registry. Basically to track LastPass you will need to use a File Scanner. Since we can't count on our customers having a custom scanner for LastPass ready to go we haven't added it to the Collection Library.

  • Hi Chris,

    As you know packages in the Package Library take up one line and collections (even though they can be collapsed) take up much more space.  In Inventory 10, we added the feature to Enterprise customers to be able to hide library collections that they don't use or want to see.  Now that this feature has been implemented, we'll certainly be adding more library collections without worry we're adding too much to your view.  Thanks for the feedback.

  • Hi,

    I would like to know when you plan to add EMET in the collection library?


  • Agreed, especially the Visual C++ runtimes

  • I created an internal ticket for this. I have no ETA for when this could be completed.

  • Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime collections were created today.