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How do customers download the latest deploy and inventory?

I seem to get lost on the way every time. Like it wants me email and name when I use this link But we're customers. Wheres the portal that I can quickly get the latest exe's from?


Also when I use the PDQ site Login button it takes me to a form....



Can't I just log in please to access our account?



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  • Hey Sam,

    There are a few different ways. I usually just update my sever using the prompt on the bottom right of PDQ D&I. There's a link that says when a new version is available. The next time your clients connect they'll be prompted to update as well.

    After you update the server, you can also push updates to your client using the auto download package for PDQ in the package library.

    You can also get the executables from the release page Releases | PDQ if you'd prefer.

  • Oh yeah. Not enough coffee this morning. Thanks.