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Rebooting Too Quickly

Does anyone have any tips on reboot detection in PDQDeploy that would help with my newest machines? My Surfaces and ThinkPads (with SSDs) have been rebooting too fast for the restart detection to pick them up - the reboot is kicking off properly, the machines are restarting successfully, but in PDQD the status will remain at Running until I manually shut down the machine and wait for the status to change to Reboot (reconnecting).

Note this isn't every reboot, but with the Surfaces especially it's been I'd say 1/2 of the time.

This has become a problem with new deployments in that I have a thin image and chained packages deployed via PDQ, some which need reboots in the middle before the next step can run, and they no longer run reliably without intervention on my part.




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  • I would experiment with a couple of different BIOS settings.

    Check to see if fast boot is enabled. If it is, disable it. I'm not sure how much time it would really add, though. After that, you could add display time to the logo screen that appears on startup. That can buy you a few extra seconds.

    Let me know if any of that works.

    A computer that reboots quickly is not a trait I've seen as an issue before! :)