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It would be awesome to add Tableau Reader and Tableau Desktop to the package library.



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    Looking into it. I'll comment again if we decide to add it to the Library Package.

  • I was able to make a simple package by killing the tabreader.exe process, and then executing the installer with a few switches as instructed in The installer is good about removing any existing installations with the same major version number. There's a one-time registration prompt that cannot be disabled.


  • I'm not so sure about Desktop I think its a paid/licensed version.  We started using the free Reader version though about a year or so ago I've created the install and uninstall packages for 9.2 and 10.2 but would not complain if Tableau Reader was added to the Package Library to help save myself some work!

  • Here is the silent attributes for Tableau Reader


    /quiet /norestart AUTOUPDATE=0 ACCEPTEULA=1


    I have successfully used this silent command to deploy Tableau Reader, it does require to register on each user but that is normal. You can reg hack the registry with the false information but that is a per user setting of Tableau Reader.