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install windows 10 anniversary update unattended

hi all,

im wanting to install the windows 10 anniversary update remotely to machines ie quietly, unattended

i have downloaded the exe here -

and im using these parameters

Windows10Upgrade28084.exe /quiet


Windows10Upgrade28084.exe /m /q

has anyone tried to do this yet or not

many thanks,




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  • This should be delivered to endpoints via WSUS. I think Microsoft was releasing it to download to WSUS on August 16th. That would leverage your current update schedule to get the update applied to your windows 10 machines. 


    Are you not using WSUS? I had a look, and there doesn't seem to be any silent paraments with that executable. (Note, I went and found it on microsoft's website directly to download. No willy-nilly link clickng for me!)

  • no i am not using WSUS as my snap in stops all the time so i gave up

    thanks for your help

  • Hey Rob,


    there is no method for unattended,

    I would recommend you to use wsus, also check software compatibility (eg. symantec endpoint, Mcafee endpoint) before instaling Windows 10 latest build.

    what error you are facing in WSUS? why its stopped working?

    Alternative you can use and push through PDQ Deploy.



  • There is no "fixing" WSUS. If it breaks, just install it again on a fresh server. You really should be using it. It's the right tool for the job.

  • Do either of you have any updates on this? I'd like to utilize PDQ to deploy the anniversary update if possible.



  • Hi All,


    Microsoft has provided direct ISO file URL for Windows 10 Update 1607 Build-

    I downloaded the setup file and tried to push it silently from command prompt but it does not work.

    I have tried the command lines described in below KB page.


    Could anyone please tell me how can I push it silently ????