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DelProf2 as Custom Tool

We are in school enviroment, and we get lots of profiles in our computers.

I have used DelProf2 to delete those time to time.

Now that we are using PDQ softwares (Inv and Deploy) is it possible to combine this userprofile deletion to those apps.??

Tried to add "custom tool" in PDQInventory, but it did not work (maybe cause need of elevated cmd and remote reg. service started automatic ??)

I have tried command line : C:\tools\Delprof2\DelProf2.exe /q /c:%TargetIPAddress%

Do you vise man know a workaround for this issue?

What am i doing wrong in "Custom Tool" ? Does it need a command, start ?



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  • I am Using batch file for profile cleanup,

    in :USERPRESERVE you can preserve user profiles from being deleted.

    here is the link for batch file,


  • I hate to necro a thread, but since this was linked in the webcast, here's what I did to use Delprof2 as a tool through Inventory:

    Create a new tool as run type local with leave shell open so you can see the results. The command is: path-to-exe\delprof2exe /ed:don'tdeletethisprofile /ntuserini /u /d:7 /c:\$(Computer:TARGET)

    Use as many /ed: parameters as you need to preserve profiles. For instance, mine is /ed:wayne /ed:Administrator /ed:LAPSAdmin to ignore mine, the local admin, and the LAPSAdmin accounts.

    The /ntuserini parameter seems to do a better job of identifying outdated profiles. You may want to experiment with and without this one.

    The /u is for unattended (no prompt) mode.

    The /d:7 deletes profiles that haven't logged in for at least 7 days. Adjust accordingly.

    The /c:\$(Computer:TARGET) passes the targeted computer name to the command for remote execution.