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    Because of the amount of requests both on the forums and in our ticket system we have decided to put iCloud in our Package Library.

    However, we have also decided to only have one version of this package, we will not have any versions that remove the Outlook Add-in or bonjour it's self.

    Bonjour is required for iCloud, without it installed if a user is logged out of the application they are unable to log back in, so this is something we cannot change.

    As far as the Outlook Add-in, if you want to remove it from your own package load the MST file that comes with our current iCloud Package into an MSI editor such as Orca, go to the Registry Table and delete the following 4 lines as posted below and generate your own transform file.

    All this does is stops iCloud from adding the Add-in into the registry, and so it technically never gets installed. This may cause security issues if you have an older version of the Add-in already installed and is why we've decided not to include it in the package.

  • I'll take a look at this and let you know. It looks like it may be another multi-layer package like iTunes.

  • Hi

    Can this be re-considered?

    I respect and understood the popularity decision, but maybe security reasons can change this call?

    Recent zero days have forced us to scan and update icloud along with itunes.

    Could this justify a re-consideration?


    I am mainly looking to update/patch existing icloud installations, so maybe the task is to use the script from Nates comment and leave out transforms. I will give it a go :-)

    But still re-consider. I love getting applications updates with one click ;-)



  • I would like to see iCloud included in the package library as well

  • We are currently re-considering it since we've had more requests. I'll get back with you here, after we've made a decision.

  • Thank you for adding the package!