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Not planned


Seems like a useful file optimizer / reducer for many file formats:

Perhaps the community might find it useful?

I stumbled across it today and have been using it to reduce PDF and image formats.

Application name - FileOptimizer
Vendor/Publisher - Javier Guti�rrez Chamorro
Application Version - 9.20.1585
Network install Guides/Documentation links -
Download links to the Software -
Silent install options - /S (not sure if /AllUser is implemented)



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    Unfortunately we'll have to hold off on this one for now. It's currently flagged as a virus by 5 antivirus programs. I'm not saying that it it's self is a virus, it's just that we can't publish anything that will give false positives. 

    Hopefully this will be fixed at a later time and we can look at it again.

  • I'll take a look at it thanks!

  • Thanks Nate. FYI, the developer has a working "All users" deployment option ready for the next build.

  • Hi Nate. Yes, totally understand. Shame though, it's a useful one to have in the arsenal (pardon the pun).