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Pdq deploy request to skip a step in active deployment

Hi All,

Here my request/idea for skipping a step during an active deployment.

It is already possible not to enable a step in advance. You must always set this in advance, and you cannot change it during an active deployment.

Because of this, I sometimes wait for a step, which I do not always need. (during a test, for example)

It would be very handy if during an active deployment you could select an option to skip a step. This could be relatively simple I think, during an active deployment, right mouse and then skip current step.


Would be nice if this option could be added in Pdq deploy!

If more information is needed, please let me know
Thanks in advance





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  • This is an interesting idea. Curious to know why you need to skip a step for some devices. But I'd suggest looking at if you can automate that step being skipped by looking at something on the device with an inventory collection and skipping the step if it's not needed. There's probably a good way to automate this for you.