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Auto deployment - fails to download and what download location?


i've been using PDQ Deploy for a while and always downloaded the package and set a schedule. I have decided to give Auto Deployment a try however have run into an issue and have a query about it.

So far I have selected to download 5 packages (all versions of flash player and a version of reader) and three appeared to have downloaded but two are waiting for the download to complete after an hour. I previously had these downloaded to my repository so I'm wondering why it needs to download them again. Does the auto deployment use the same storage as manually downloaded so there's no need to do it twice? Also I've noticed that when a package is successfully downloaded, it doesn't appear in the 'Packages' list, is there a way to see what version is currently being used by the autodeploy? Am assuming it will always be the latest but the question may come to me that I need to answer.



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  • Just an update the autodeployments have now shown as downloaded, though it took quite a while...

  • Further update: I have looked more closely and found under the auto deployment the version column so I know what version will be deployed. I should learn to look more before submitting a job :-)