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With PDQ Deploy I want to replace the current user's display name with the computer definition.

We actively use PDQ Deploy and Inventory software. Computer names are not very clear because of the recent domain change. So I change the computer definitions using remote command line and using the following command.

bash: net config server /srvcomment: "User Display Name"

I want to automate this code.

In PDQ Inventory software, in the "Computer" detail in the Current Name "domain\username", how can I get the username information in the "Display Name" field in PDQ Deploy?

In other words, I want the algorithm to get the username of the currently logged in user and fill the computer description with the "Display Name" field of that username.

Can you help me?



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  • This would require some custom scripting. I think that you'd need to create and export a report that contains computer names and whatever field you want. Export that report to a .csv and create a package that uses powershell to Import-CSV from the csv and then sets the values accordingly.