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Wireshark - Package library request

I'd like to request that Wireshark be included in the package library of PDQ Deploy



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    We've decided to wait on this for now because of licensing issues. If it changes we'll look into again.

  • Thanks for the submission. I'll do some research and let you know how it goes.


  • If you install Wireshark silently it doesn't install WinPcap which is needed to capture network traffic. WinPcap no longer has a silent install option unless you pay for the pro version. 

    The two options here are to use a third party silent installer which we would rely on for future releases or to create our own installer.

    I'm not sure if either of these two options are something we're willing to do, i'll have to have some discussion about this and get back with you.

  • Bump for any update. We find people have installed Wireshark on servers to troubleshoot an issue and then they forge tit's there for months or years and end sup with a really old version. Would be great if we could use PDQ to update or uninstall it.

  • I could use it.


  • Please this is an application we use. It would help out 😃

  • Agreed, having a Wireshark deploy package would be helpful.