Package Parameters for Microsoft Management studio SQL server 2012

Hello All,

so I've managed to create the config.ini file but not quite sure how to add it to the Parameters box.  Can anyone help me with how to enter the path?  I have tried every combination I found on google and it still doesn't install properly, it will install all the tools but not the actual SQL server 2012, weird,

 Any Help would be Gratefully Appreciated


Thank you!!




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  • Post up a screenshot of your package properties, and let us get a look at it. I believe a /config <path to ini> should do it, but I'm not 100% sure. Will have to do some digging.

    That is after I see what you've got right now :)

  • Hey Stephen, thanks for the quick response my concern is with the install step and this box below

    I have tried \\Servername\D$\PDQ\Deploy\Repository\SQL-Server2012/ConfigurationFile.ini

    and what you see below I have tried a bunch of other stuff, too much to list but nothing seems to be working


  • Gotcha. So basically you want to make sure you have your Sql Server 2012 setup.exe and configuration.ini file in your PDQ Repository. Looks like you have things almost there. 


    Your Install File line of the step would look like this:


    And in your Parameters line you want this:

    /ConfigurationFile=\\Servername\D$\PDQ\Deploy\Repository\SQL-Server2012\configurationfile.ini /Q

    Your Command Line should then look like this automatically:

    \\Servername\D$\PDQ\Deploy\Repository\SQL-Server2012\setup.exe /ConfigurationFile=\\Servername\D$\PDQ\Deploy\Repository\SQL-Server2012\configurationfile.ini /Q

    Make sure you do the following in your configuration.ini file:

    • Set – QUIET="True"
    • Set – SQLSYSADMINACCOUNTS="YourDomain\Administrators"
    • Remove – UIMODE="Normal"
  • Stephen, 

    Thank you so much for your time that really helped, it does install some aspects of the application such as the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Folder and  within that I have the Server tools and Import export data, but not the actual SQL management studio, weird and within Program files it also installs a folder with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and inside of that folder I have a Configuration Tools folder which includes SQL Server Installation Center (64-Bit) which I really don't want users be able to install.

  • Gotcha. Now it is all clicking for me. Management Tools is a completely separate software package to the actual SQL Server 2012 installation. 


    You can find and download SQL Server 2012 Management Studio with a quick google search. I believe you'll want to issue this command to install it in a package:

    Install File: “\\networklocation\setup.exe

    Parameters: /ACTION=INSTALL /QUIET /IAcceptSQLServerLicenseTerms=”True” /FEATURES=CONN,BC,SSMS

    I'm not sure which FEATURES you are interested in, but you should be able to hunt those down on Google.

  • I've tried every possible combination from here and google searches I can find and I still get it was successfully installed but when I look in Program files I see the Microsoft SQL Server folder with a Configuration folder and then the SQL Server Installation Center, so when I launch that it's asking for where the files are to install it, see below, I don't know what else to do to get the  SQL server standalone silent installation to completely install, this is what I get after a successful deployment.

    Any help or other suggests would be greatly Appreciated


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