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Getting SQL Edition into PDQ Inventory

I've see and it is possible to do some custom inventory via some of the tools available, but wasn't sure the best way to go about trying to get the SQL Server Edition information. Really there are a handful of ways to accurately get the SQL Edition from a machine (ERRORLOG or running SQL @@version  or, some of which involve needing to log into the SQL instance.

Since it is quite important (and costly) to know which versions and editions are installed (not listed in ARP info), anyone else have a solution around this?



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    Howdy Ken,

    Try using a registry scanner. I don't have a lot of different editions of SQL Server to verify but with the new registry scanners (they were recently modified to allow wildcards in the path) this was a breeze.

    I created a new Scan Profile. I added a registry scanner and added the following filter under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE hive.

    SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL*.MSSQLSERVER\Setup\Edition


    After creating the scan profile scan your machines that have SQL Server. Below are screenshots from a report showing the Columns and Filters tabs. This report returned the expected results. Please note I did add an extra filter to only report computers that had a service called MSSQLSERVER. You could probably remove that if you'd prefer.


  • Any Updates for this?


  • Hi Trav,

    Did you try the steps listed above? You will need to utilize the registry scanning to pull the SQL edition.

  • I followed the steps above but made a couple minor tweaks for my desired results.  I wanted to include the express editions in the results.  



  • I also made some tweaks had to use wildcards.  Is there any way to find the out if the Edition is core or uses CALs?

  • Hi Trav,

    I don't know where to look to determine if CALs are used.

  • Here is the scan profile that I setup to include an older version of SQL in our environment (SQL 2000), plus some 64-bit installs of SQL express:


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