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PDQ11 simple command line to Windows 7 VM

Hi. First time posting here.

I am running Vmware Worstation with 2 VMs. First is Win2012R2 with PDQ deploy 11 installed. Second is Win7 Pro.


I am trying to run a simple command line such as GPUPDATE, but I keep getting Condition was not met. No steps were taken.


Both machine network are NAT with the same IP range and same subnet.

Any idea? I never use PDQ deploy before.



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  • Save this as gpupdate.xml on your Deploy server.  Then in PDQ Deploy go to File > Import or hit Ctrl+I from within Deploy to import the xml document, which will create the package for you.


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <AdminArsenal.Export Code="PDQDeploy" Name="PDQ Deploy" Version="" MinimumVersion="3.1">
    <PackageDefinition name="Definition">
    <InventoryScanProfileId value="null" />
    <RunAs value="null" />
    <ScanAfterDeployment value="null" />
    <Steps type="list">
    <Command>echo n | gpupdate /force</Command>
    <Conditions type="list">
    <IsEnabled value="true" />
    <Title>Run GPUpdate</Title>
    <Timeout value="60" />
    <UseCustomTimeout value="false" />
    <Description>Simple package to execute gpupdate /force on client machine, and bypass logoff prompt for user side settings.</Description>
    <FolderId value="3" />
    <Path>Powershell Scripts\GPUpdate</Path>
    <PackageDisplaySettings name="DisplaySettings">
    <SortOrder value="42" />
  • It still failed. I'm thinking there is something else causing the problem. Why would it says condition not met??

  • Can you post some screen shots? Of the package and of the failed deployment?

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  • I am able to run install just fine (with deploy user credential), but when I try to run CMD with logged on user... it keeps saying Conditions not met: No steps were able to run.


    Any idea?



  • Are you deploying to a machine that actually has a user logged into it? 


    Also, why the trailing S in your command definition? Typo?

  • That is a typo.


    Yes... I am trying to run command as logged on user. PDQ inventory does not has the option for logged user... so I looked into PDQ deploy (which I rarely touch).


    If this does works.. I will be able to run command that normally cannot run through system cred or admin cred. For example... I can run echo %logon server%... or check network drives/printers.. etc.

  • I run the command through deploy with an echo command so it does not reboot like this:

    echo n | gpupdate /force

    The only other difference is that I Run As: Deploy User

    I have no issues running gpupdate this way, hope this helps!

  • So after weeks of trying to figure out what went wrong... I found an installer for version 9.2. To my surprise... logged on CMD deploy works like charm. I guess version 10+ broke something in the conditioning... Can someone from Admin Arsenal looks into it?