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PDQ Connect Feature Request - Duplicate Package


I have a 6 steps for a package to add printers in our organization. I need everything in that package to remain the same, except an IP address. It would be nice if I could duplicate the package, make the small change and rename.

Thank you,

Gabriel A. Vitoro



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  • Hey Gabriel,

    You can copy paste the package itself to make a duplicate and then change the things you need. You can also copy individual step(s) from package to package. You can right click and copy/paste or use the ctrl+c/v shortcuts.

  • Hello,

    I am on a Mac and it doesn't do that. It is web content, so how would that work? I will try on a PC when I get back to my desk.  I was thinking of there being an option in the three dots in the upper-right-hand corner. I think that would be better. Or when you click on the checkbox of one package in the list of packages, maybe have an option there that says duplicate. I have attached images.
  • My bad, I was thinking Inventory and not Connect. Too early here. That would be a good feature.