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Computer not updating after standard scan

I have an old icon that I would like to get off computers.  So I created a scan profile looking for that icon.

I then decided I wanted to add the scan for this icon to be part of the standard profile

So I edited it and used the exact same thing I'm doing in the Icon Profile, and added it to standard.

I then created a Deployment that gets rid of the icon

I ran the deployment against the collection and confirmed the icon is in fact, removed

Yet the collection size is the same

So I picked one computer and ran a standard scan on it

Nothing changed.  The file still shows under Files and Directories

I run the Icon Profile scan on that computer and the file removes almost immediately

Why does this not happen when I run the standard scan?  It should immediately see that file is not there, remove it from Files and Directories, which in turn, should update the collection.  It's annoying this doesn't work as intended.



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  • If multiple Files & Directories scanners find the same file, you will have to run all of them again after deleting the file before it will disappear from Inventory.

    If you want the same Scanner in multiple Scan Profiles, there is a way to link them in the database. I created a PowerShell function to help with that linking, Connect-PdqInventoryScanner in the module named PdqStuff. I would provide a link, but my posts usually get blocked when I do that.

  • Thank you so much!  I had still kept the original scan profile, so I deleted it, then rescanned the collection using Standard and the collection immediately updated!