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Auditor accounts for PDQ Inventory

This is probably the dumbest question anyone will see today but hope you can help. (I'm new to PDQ Inventory itself.)

I have a group of system auditors who need to regular access to the application to get HW/SW reports. This team is separate from the system admin roles. How do you handle these requirements? Do you:

  1. Create a specific service account for the login and inventory report?
  2. Create actually accounts for each auditor and if so, what are the minimum permissions they need to run just the HW/SW report?
  3. Just setup a schedule of automated reports for this team? 

Thanks for the assist!!




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  • I believe you would need to increase you license limit based on how many auditors need access. Their licensing is based on how many admins are using the product and it's a license breach to have more people access your instance than are licensed. So you may just want to reach out to

    That being said, I don't believe there are RBAC controls in Inventory so you wouldn't be able to restrict there access.


    Although, I'd suggest though that you sit down with the auditors and see what reports they would like. You can setup automatic reports that would generate the information they need and have it scheduled to send it to them on a regular basis. How to set up Auto Reports in PDQ Inventory | PDQ


  • Thanks James!! 

    Appreciate the info! I will get our support contract info and follow up with them.