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Automatic Upgrades?

Currently, I maintain software on domain computers using PDQ Inventory / Deploy.  However, it is hardly an automated or simple process.

Obviously, I use packages from the PDQ Deploy library.  They automatically update properly, no problems there.

But in order to actually push out the updates, I have the following configurations, using Google Chrome as an example:

  • Inventory: Dynamic Collection [Application [Name Contains 'Google Chrome'] && [Version Lower Than '121.0.6167.185']]
  • Inventory: Sub-collection of above [Computer [Online Is True]]
  • Deploy: Schedule, Target above subcollection
  • Deploy: Auto-update package 'Google Chrome Enterprise'

Each time there is an update to Chrome, I need to change the parameters of the collection in Inventory to reflect the new version number.

Is there a way to configure this to be automatic, i.e.: automatically update computers after automatically downloading the update to PDQ Deploy?



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