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PDQ Deploy - Option to use heartbeat for Deploy Once

Would love to have the option to use heartbeat as an alternative to retry queue if the target(s) are offline.

Currently I create a one-off schedule for this purpose, but that means - unless cleaned up - the schedule list can get a bit clogged.



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  • Does the "Stop deploying to targets once they succeed" option help?

    Generally for one-time deployments, I'll use heartbeat with the above option to take care of multiple computers without deploying the same package to the same targets over and over. You can use the heartbeat trigger in addition to any other triggers like interval, daily, etc, all on the same schedule.

  • It does help in the general sense, but that is a schedule-only option whereas I am referring to the deploy once function, not schedules.

  • If you're dead-set on using Deploy Once, you may want to enable Wake-On-LAN on the endpoints that you're wanting to use heartbeat on. Then, instead of using heartbeat in a schedule, you can still use Deploy Once with the Offline Settings changed to send a WOL and attempt the deployment.

    If you don't want to enable WOL and change deployment settings, you would likely be best served by a schedule to make use of heartbeat. At any rate, using a schedule with heartbeat over using the retry queue with Deploy Once would cut down on the number of failed deployments you'd see. When it's run on all of the endpoints, you can delete the schedule.

  • I'm aware of other ways to achieve a similar end result with the current version of PDQ. This was intended as a feature request.

  • You can use the "submit a request" link at the top of the page for one of the PDQ team to respond to you directly.