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Would you be able to add Virtualbox to the package library? I already have a working package I created myself. It would just be nice if I didn't have to update it manually.





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  • Can you share how you created the package?  I am trying to create one that is silent but am having a hard time getting around the driver signing message.  I have used /qb but that is a prompt.  I tried /qn but it fails somewhere.

  • Okay i was able to deploy the virtualbox application, but am wondering if the parameters i used would deploy a fully functional version.

    the command line i used in the package was:

    msiexec.exe /i "vbx64.msi" ADDLOCAL=VBoxApplication /qn

    Which adds the application for all users to the desktop. I am not sure if it installed the USB/Network drivers.  Will report back and let everyone know.


    After testing out the application, it seems as though the network drivers and usb drivers are also installed into the program.

  • Here's how I got around the driver signing problem:

    1. Ran a non-silent install on a test machine and accepted the driver warning.
    2. Went to Certificate manager and exported the oracle certificate.
    3. Added a Command step to the start of my package
    4. Enter command: certutil -addstore "TrustedPublisher" oracle.cer
    5. Included the certificate file in the step.
    6. Now since Oracle is a Trusted Publisher, it will no longer prompt to install the drivers
  • @Apshoupe: If you accepted the unsigned driver previously on your test machine, it won't prompt you again. You'll have to delete the cert for an accurate test.

  • On the installer that i wrote above... I did not have to accept any cert. agreement.  It just goes through and installs the application for all users.  At this point, i am not sure whether the certificate is installed or not.  I guess i can check and will report back

     I was unable to locate the certificate on the certmgr, but it seems as though the application is running like it should.  The cert is needed for USB drives?