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Self-Service Application Catalog?

Would it be possible to have a self-service application catalog that we could let internal users go to and select available applications that they can install without having to enter a ticket?

Particularly it would be very helpful if a user could go to a website (i.e. and be shown a list of applications that have been published to the self-service portal by the admins (a checkbox in the package options?). The end user either clicks on them or selects a few by checkbox then clicks "Ok" and the applications get pushed automatically.



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  • This is on my bucket list of things to do. We have an internal support site that has a blog, a section that we bolted our helpdesk system too, and some other useful information. I'm thinking of creating a web service that will execute powershell scripts from the page. 


    Ideally it will be a grid of application icons and names, with check boxes for each. I can then use each checked item stored into an array to push into a script that will run invoke-command against my pdq deploy server. the -Package parameter might be tricky, as I'm not sure if support for an array of packages is there yet. 

    I'd also add some logic to the script to grab the user's hostname to feed into a variable to use as the -Target's parameter value. 

    Should be a fun project once I have a couple weeks to dive into it. 

  • Did you make any progress on the web service to execute the powershell scripts? How did the users respond to it?

  • I was wondering if there was any progress on this?  Thanks