Powershell script with LAPS and no local file copy



  • Stephen Valdinger

    Sure, as long as the LAPS user has rights to them. Get-ChildItem supports UNC paths. 

    Get-ChildItem "\\pdqserver\Repository\DellDrivers" -Filter "*.inf" -Recurse | Select-Object -expandproperty Fullname

    That should do what you want. Test it first of course, and change that UNC to the right thing. Let me know if you need more help.


    I'm not sure it pnputil will support the UNC path. I can't find a good answer from the googles. Worst you can do is try it and find out.

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  • Jeff Turley

    That is the problem the LAPS user does not have rights to the files. I need to work around that. 

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