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How many Schedules do you use?

Hi All,


I am currently setting up our PDQ deploy and inventory system, i am at the point of importing our in-house built apps and wondering the best way to update via PDQ.

i'm at the point where i think i will need to create a dynamic group and a schedule for each individual app so that it scans for a change in version number and then initiates an update of the app.

am just wondering if i am going about this the right way and looking for reassurment.



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  • Assuming your in-house apps are packaged as .exe or .msi, you should be able to deploy them with PDQ Deploy with relative ease (just probably have silent parameters ready for use with .exes). However, you will have to manually update your installation steps in your PDQ Deploy packages when new versions are released.

    As for Inventory, you can set up variables (Options > Variables) to update when new versions are released. You can variables in dynamic collections to track which PCs have older versions of your apps installed, then use that collection as a "Link To" on a schedule in PDQ Deploy.

    I hope that helps!