TIP: Custom Install Dialog/Prompt with Proceed/Wait timer for user



  • Callan Johnstone

    Such a huge help! Thank you a bunch for sharing!

    Would give cookies if i could.

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  • Michael Yorke

    Brilliant post. Thanks for taking the time to share. 

    It would be great to have this level of functionality and message customisation baked into PDQ.

    One question. How can I put an expiry timer on the message and upon expiration choose a exitcode? I looked on Trevor's blog and whilst I found references to the timer in the code, I wasn't sure where the put the timeout values and how to handle the action upon expiration. 

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  • Sam Cayze

    Actually I've moved away from the solution I posted about, and switched to this: 




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  • Thomas Lockyer

    Hi Sam, could you go into a little further detail on how you use the Toast Notification Script in your deployments? It looks pretty handy. I wish PDQ had something like this built in.

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