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PDQ Inventory Equal to or Greater than/Using Variables


I am building a collection for an application to determine the versions, whether they are the newest or the oldest. What would the correct filter be for showing greater than or equal to versions?

Also, how do the system variables get updated in PDQ Inventory? I am noticing an application version is an older version, and not displaying/updating the newest version. Is there a way to manually update that rather than going through a custom variable, or will it update eventually?





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  • For greater than/equal to, you will want to use the "version not less than" comparison in collections. For older versions, you'll want to use the "version lower than" comparison.

    Assuming the application you're working with is not one that PDQ offers in Deploy, and your collections/variables for it are your own, you will need to update the variable value yourself from Options > Variables. As long as you only define the version value in the variable itself (as opposed to hand-entering the value in each collection), you will only need to update the variable once to reflect the correct value in every collection made with that variable.