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Registry Scanner

Looking to scan for Belarc Advisor; unfortunately, it does not show in Add/Remove Programs, so I have to use File Scanner or Registry Scanner. 

I am having some trouble getting this working. i have created a new scan profile. 



Include Patterns: SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Belarc

I have it linked to a Collection, but no computers show up


Same thing with File Scanner, 

except its looking for a file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Belarc\BelMonitor\



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  • Couple things:

    1. Do you see Registry results on a Target in Inventory if you look at its registry tab?
    2. Can you post a Screenshot of your collection's filters so we can see if something is amiss there?
  • 1. No nothing shows. I created a new Scan Profile. Should I use the existing Registry one and scan? 

    2. The collection has nothing so my expectations would be that any computer that has scanned successfully and meets that registry scan, it would go into the collection. 

  • It would still be helpful to see your collection definition. 

    And you can create a new Scan Profile, you just need to make sure you have scanned your targets with it before anything will show up in Registry for you.

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  • Your Include Pattern needs to end with a \ to grab a key, otherwise it's looking for a value.

  • Hi Colby, I made a change but no difference. 

  • Are you getting any results on the Registry tab of the Computer page of the computers you scanned? Also, you need to change the Column in your Collection from Value to Path.