PDQ Inventory - No Hotfixes 60+ Days

Trying to figure out how to create a collection to catch systems that aren't being patched (by SCCM) in 60+days. This is a slightly different use case from the built-in out-of-date OS collections.


I've unsuccessfully tried:

-hotfix, installed on, not after, "60 days ago"


Any tips on what I'm doing wrong?



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  • Try adding a Group Filter for All and value Where Hot Fix, Publisher, Contains, "Microsoft"

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  • Thank you for your suggestion, Grant! This is still showing systems with recent hotfixes, though.


  • That did it, Andrew - thank you!

  • Did you get this resolved? Trying to do the same thing and finding that computers with more recent hotfix install dates than the X days ago line are being included. Wondering if this is a reboot required thing, but no easy way to test that right now.


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