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How often does deployments update in inventory?

I have made a collection that shows all computers that have not had a specific deployment (which runs on heartbeat) in the last week. I then run a timed deployment on that collection to be sure that these computers (mostly servers) also get the deployment regularly.
It is basically my own deployment rule to replace something I think is missing (A trigger in schedules with "time since last deployment of <packageName> is older than * days|hours").

The problem is that not all computers in Inventory gets updated with the result from deployments even though it has succeeded. I originally had around 240 computers in this collection and now I have 113, so some of them got updated and moved out of the collection.
On the rest, I can go in and do a deployment manually and they still do not get updated in inventory.

Is something wrong here or am I mistaken in thinking that the Deployments tab should be updated very quickly in Inventory?

Here are images from Inventory and Deploy:

Inventory (last deployment shows as 23'rd of January):

Deploy (Last successful deployment. There have been several.):



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  • That sounds like a bug. Please open a ticket with