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PDQ Deploy 15 R4 - Brutally slow when going through all deployments

PDQ deploy seems to grind to a halt when going through our previous deployments. I was unable to select more than 2 or 3 deployments that contain 600 and up clients without the window crashing.

Trying to purge the entire thing has lead to immediate crashes. Not really an issue for me right now as everything else works fine. Just something I noticed.

Anyone else getting similar?



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  • Loading all deployments can slow down when you have a lot of old deployments in the list. An easier way to tackle this might be to set up a cleanup timer, which will delete deployment records when they're older than the specified age in days.

    Options > Preferences > Deployments > Cleanup

    If you have it set to 0, it will keep deployments until they're manually deleted, which can cause slow loading and probably crashing like you're experiencing. Consider the number of endpoints you deploy to, how often you check PDQ Deploy for deployment statuses, and the frequency at which deployments occur, and adjust cleanup age accordingly. If you have to keep deployment records for a certain period of time for auditing purposes, use that as the age.

    Personally, I use 30 day cleanup for ~200 PCs receiving daily and heartbeat deployments and All Deployments takes 1-2 seconds to load. (Amounting to about 1000 deployment IDs)

    Hope that helps!

  • That's a good tip, i set it down to 2 weeks to prevent it from stacking up so high. 

  • I manage a 1600+ computers and 400+ servers list and it's painfully slow and it often crashes (what he previously did not do). Has something changed in the way the client acts ?

    I often have to go to the server to manually check if the service is alive (but it is, and nothing seems wrong on the server side).

    It could be anything, even an update on my graphical drivers, but I did not have this behavior before.



  • I believe Support has customer builds where this is fixed.