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Output File > 16GB

One server (that is not running the main PDQ programs) ran out of disk space on c:. It has been eaten up by a file called 'output' which is in C:\Windows\AdminArsenal\PDQInventory-Scanner\service-1

ANy ideas what this file is for, why it is so big (and growing) and why, if it needs to be so large it is placed by an agent on the c: drive with no space checking?

PDQ inventory Enterprise v



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  • From the description, it seems the scanner service is (maybe) not stopping and removing itself. Would you check services.msc for any PDQ services on the target. If it exists, scan the machine again and see if the service is removed. Also, delete the C:\Windows\AdminArsenal\PDQInventory-Scanner\ directory on the target machine and then rescan. The service-n directory should be temporary. If it persists, Solutions will want to have a look.

  • It was being caused by reg.exe which seems to have been launched by PDQ. There were no PDQ services, but I killed reg.exe and deleted the file.