AD target selection freezes

When I try and create a target list, or am creating a target list at the time of a deployment, if I select Active Directory, it shows the domain and its OU's but doesn't let me scroll down or select any OU's -- it's literally frozen. I can't cancel, use tab key, nor arrow keys to do anything. I have to kill the process. 

I did wait 40 mins at one point and it eventually let me click an OU, but then it freezes up again after computers are populated. 


We're not having any domain issues. I have multiple programs that use AD/LDAP and can browse/load OUs and objects instantly with no issue. 



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  • How many objects do you have in AD?

  • In total there are 10,111 AD objects. 

    1,039 of which are Computers.


  • Please contact

    I believe they have a customer build that tries to address this issue.

  • Ok thanks. 

    I will say that I didn't have this issue before I did two things:

    * Upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10

    * Upgraded to 16 from whatever version I was on before (I guess 13)

  • Same problem, it appeard with the latest update. 

  • We have the same problem too! I'll have to go back to latest version 15 and hope for the best.

    Number of groups is 418018
    Number of users is 109051


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