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PDQ Inventory is not finding "Application name 'does not contain" items

I'm trying to find clients who do not have "Symantec Endpoint Protection" in "Application --> Name --> Does Not Contain --> Symantec Endpoint Protection"

and it is listing every computer that actually DOES have symantec endpoint. Any ideas?



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  • Can you post a screenshot of the filters on your collection?

  • But still lists all the machines that DOES have it.


  • Ok, so the way you have this formatted you're asking PDQ:

    "Give me every computer where not every single applications contain 'Symantec Endpoint Protection'"

    So what you're getting is every computer which doesn't have "Symantec Endpoint Protection" in every single application's name.

    Restructure your filters like this:

    Obviously replace the "Matlab R2017" that I was testing with with your "Symantec Endpoint Protection"

    This new collection is asking PDQ:

    "Give me every computer where no single application contains "Symantec Endpoint Protection"

  • So inputting "Contains" gives you the opposite--it lists all machines not containing these fields? What?? LOL

    Giving it a try now.

  • It's still not working. Should I put a support call in? Apparently this filtering isn't working.

  • Note that I also changed the group filter from "All" to "Not Any"

  • JLU,

    You need to leave the first Group Filter to All and Create another Group Filter and set this one to Not All or Not Any. Then add your Value Filter with your Item you want to filter out like what I do is Application Version or Name Equals the Value.


    Verify on an Device in PDQ on the Value you want to filter out.

    Here is an Example.

  • Here's the one I use. I created my own variable for SEP. If you want servers too just delete that last filter.

    @(AppNameSymantecEndpointProtection) = Symantec Endpoint Protection