Non-Destructive Restart Schedule for Updates

I have a schedule to restart devices that require reboot at 11:50 PM on 4th Thursday of the month. Our corporate office is located in Mountain time and we have offices in Central and Eastern as well. I received a call today (9:57 AM MDT) with a user that had their computer restarted. This user is in the Eastern zone, 11:57 AM. I found that the restart schedule started on 30 computers in PDQ Deploy. The first one started at 9:40/11:40 AM. I'm not sure why this schedule would run in the middle of the day.

The user informed me that they was working in the middle of an Excel spreadsheet. They took the laptop home last night. Their time is set correctly on computer for their time zone.

I noticed schedule is set to retry for devices that are offline (or off domain/not connected to VPN). I believe this may be the reason that the restart schedule started again. If that is the case, is there a way to restart devices that require reboot without restarting in the middle of the day or to restart at the next 11:50 PM?

Could setup a collection to check if computer is online, only reboot those.

Trying to figure out a way to reboot without killing their process. Thank you.




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  • For this reboot package under Properties you could try unchecking Offline Settings -> Retry Queue so that it doesn't use the settings from Preferences and then leave the "Put offline targets in Retry Queue" unchecked. No need to retry offline machines. If they were offline then they've obviously already been rebooted. :-)


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