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MS Visual C++ deployments keep occuring for offline machines


Wondering if anyone has encountered this issue before.

I use the package library to grab a number of packages to keep workstations up to date and use schedules to deploy them, usually a combination of per day/week and a heartbeat schedule so I get all machines with a new package release and also for any machines that either just come online brand new or have been offline for a period (such as laptops out of office). I've also set the Ping check in preferences, not send WOL and not attempt deployment if offline and set packages to use those settings.

I also use PDQ Inventory Collection Library to get a list of machines that have Old versions of those packages so I have an update list rather than carpet bomb approach.

However while this works for all other packages, for the MS Visual C++ packages, the deployments keep kicking off throughout the day despite none of the machines coming online and when it does, it lists *all* the offline machines not just one or two. Some I know for sure are offline as I have them sitting on a shelf in a room that only I ever go in to. I've even removed the timed schedule and only left the heartbeat schedule but it still kicks off about every 30 mins or so and lists all the offline machines that are in the PDQ Inventory collection. I've removed the schedule completely on one of the packages and re-added but it still keeps happening. Anyone got any ideas? As I said all other packages only seem to kick off when a system either comes online from a heartbeat check or at a timed schedule, it's just the Visual C++ items.



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  • Do you have multiple collections linked to that schedule? If so, please contact for a customer build that fixes that issue.

  • I do, so I will submit it to support, Thanks