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Offline Notifications - Critical Computers

I have a feeling that this is both an Inventory and Deploy question, and also feeling that this may not be within the abilities of the system, but going to ask anyways.

I have a handful of critical systems.  I would like to be notified when these systems go offline so I can proactively seek them out and get them back up.  Any ideas how PDQ can be involved in a solution?



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  • There's not really a "great" solution for this within PDQ. Personally for something like this I would turn to a Powershell script run via scheduled task somewhere that uses Test-Connection to check the up/down state of the critical host, and send-mailmessage to send the email alert. It could be a very big complex script with lots of checks, and pretty formatted email message, or it can be a couple of lines to check ping, and send a "hey, this is down" email.

  • Hi Anthony,

    take a look at Axcence NetTools, it's a free tool if you register your e-mail.
    You can test it for 30 days without registration.

    It contains a NetWatch function including E-Mail Alert if lost packages are to high, ping to bad or the connection is lost.

    Beside this, the others functions inside are usefull as well:

    Scan host
    Scan Network

    Put it into autostart and maybe track the running status every hour with PDQ.
    If it is not running, start it with a script again or register the exe as a service and track the service