Average Deploy Time


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  • Christian Bacher

    The average deployment time is not a universal value, it depends to much on your own environment and configuration:

    - Network Speed
    - Current network load
    - Concurrent targets per deploy and total concurrent targets
    - deployment type (push/pull)
    - working speed on target pc (CPU, Ram, SSD/Hdd)

    Live Exampel: Adobe Flash for Firefox

    Fastest Deployment: 1min 6 seconds on a old 6 core AMD cpu (FX-6100) with a SSD
    Longest Deployment: 15min 32 seconds on a Intel i5-2400 with a normal HDD

    The same i5-2400 CPU in another PC with a SSD: 1min 15 seconds

    The average time only make sense if all your PCs are identical and the max concurrent targets value doesen't break down your Network.

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