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Meraki and Wake On LAN (WOL)

I have been getting mixed results when using the WoL via PDQ Inventory and i believe it has to do with my new Meraki Switch and Security appliance. Does anyone use Meraki and PDQ successfully with WoL. 



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  • Do you allow direct broadcast over your switch? If not, the standard WOL magic packets will not traverse the switch.

  • Sorry should have stated: Do you allow direct broadcast over your security appliance? If not, the standard WOL magic packets will not traverse the appliance.

  • I will check that out later tonight. I need to first make sure I know where that setting is.

  • Directed Broadcasts are ideal however we have put a feature in PDQ Inventory that basically utilizes another online target computer (a helper, if you will) that resides in the same subnet. After the broadcast and directed broadcasts go out Inventory will attempt to find a helper computer in that same remote subnet. It will then instruct that other computer to send out a basic WOL magic packet. In addition to the usual external dependencies that exist with WOL (BIOS, NIC settings, etc) there are two caveats:

    • The helper machine must reside in Inventory and be on the same subnet that is recorded in Inventory. If the "helper" machine has moved since the last scan it won't be much help.
    • The helper machine must use the same subnet mask as the machine it is attempting to wake up. This is usually the case but we have seen some instances where an organization uses different subnet masks across their network and these instances don't allow this last step to work.