Initial scan, how many tries?

Let's say I do an initial scan of the 25,000 endpoint (Active Directory) network and the scan only catches 9,000 endpoints online during the first scan.

How often does PDQ Inventory try and scan the missing offline endpoints and how long does it keep trying to scan them until it is successful?

Is any of this configurable?

I've looked through the docs and FAQ and haven't been able to find an answer.




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  • I'm thinking it's the heartbeat setting that covers this, but not 100% sure.

  • Since I haven't received a reply from PDQ I'm guessing my post about the heartbeat was correct?

  • It depends on the triggers you have configured for your Scan Profiles. By default the Standard profile has a scan age trigger set to 7 days, so any computers that haven't been scanned in 7 days will be scanned the next time their Online status changes from No to Yes.

  • I think we are talking about two different things, you look to be talking about a scan for endpoints that have already been scanned once by PDQ Inventory, I am talking about endpoints that have yet to have an initial scan after PDQ Inventory has been installed to scan our entire network.

    We have 25,000 endpoints.... about 1/3 are laptops that might only be online on our network once for a 8 hour period every few weeks. So, unless I am extremely lucky and the laptop happens to be on the network during the scan standard scan (we use the default once a week) I will never get an initial scan of that laptop?




  • Scan Age works for computers that have not been scanned as well. 

  • So I install PDQ inventory on our network. If an endpoint is not currently online during the first scan a second attempt is not made for 7 days (if I have the standard scan set for 7 days)?

    Is this really the case? This really makes the product unusable for us if so. How do you expect anyone with a large network (that is not consistently online) to be able to use PDQ Inventory?

    I can't set the standard scan any shorter than 7 days because we have to scan 25,000 endpoints. It took at least this long to complete the initial scan was only able to scan half of the endpoints because not all of them are online 24/7.



  • No. If an endpoint is offline during the initial scan it will be scanned the next time it comes online. Scan Age gets triggered if there has never been a scan or the last scan is older than the set threshold. 

  • That is exactly what I was asking for (and hoping it will do). Thank you.



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